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Sisal Scrub & Massage Glove

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Finely knitted scrub / massage glove made from sisal fibers, perfect for the plastic-free bathroom. 

Healthy exfoliation with natural materials.

Made with Columbia’s unique hand knitting technique, both decorative and peeling for those who love naturalism in the bathroom.

Strong texture of sisal.

  • Produced by a women's cooperative in Columbia, this Sisal Bath Glove is 100% natural sisal fiber.
  • Sisal is an all-natural, renewable fiber that comes from a plant of the agave family.

The Sisal glove smooths the skin, removes dead skin and creates a feeling of general well-being. Thanks to the massage, the skin becomes more silky and elastic. The glove prepares the skin to receive all the benefits of a cream or balm. An essential weekly beauty ritual for beautiful, glowing skin.