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Night In Gail

Limited Edition Spa Gift Set

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I believe that the greatest gift you can give yourself, your family and the world is a healthy and happy you.

Our deluxe spa set is the ideal gift for the person who enjoys quality pampering or for the person who deserves to be pampered. 

12 piece spa set, with 8oz handmade candle, wax melts, facial headband, 2x infused pedicure bombs / bath bomb, sponges and brushes. 
Environmental friendly using natural products such as coconut, bamboo, sisal, and pumice. 

Suitable for your own enjoyment of as a wellness gift to someone who’s in need of self-love time.

Gift Set Includes:

Candle 8oz (most popular scent)

Wax Melts 2.5oz (most popular scent)

Rose Quartz Stone (boost feelings of self-love)

2 x Pedicure Bomb / Bath Bomb 5oz (most popular - oatmeal, milk & honey)

Facial headband - Protects hair 

Sisal glove - Removes dead skin

Sisal sponge - Replaces your washcloth 

Pumice brush - Foot care

Loofah - body & face exfoliation 

Cellulite brash - Improves the appearance of cellulite. 

Arranged in a metal decorative tray that can be reused as a plant pot, shower tray or styled around your house with candles. 

There’s no work to be done.
The set is gift wrapped in cellophane, the ideal gift that’s ready to go!

$75.00 Value

10 length x 5 wide x 5 hight