Wood Wicks

Just like us, wood wicks can be temperamental and each one is unique. All of our double wood wicks are made with a natural and untreated wood and can vary slightly in their thickness and grain. This will cause every Night In Gail Candle to burn a little bit differently.

Why use wood wicks?

Despite these variances, wood wicks provide a more unique burning experience than a traditional cotton wick like with our Night In Gail Candles. Who doesn't love a good crackling fire? Well, similarly, double wood wicks make a pleasant, soft crackling sound!

But it keeps going out! Why won't my wood wick light?

No worries! This can be an issue on the rare occasion with wood wick candles and can easily be resolved.

If you are experiencing a wood wick's flame that dwindles, flickers or burns out – you may be experiencing the wood wick reaching a knot or discrepancy in the timber. These flaws aren’t always visible and can cause the wax to be less effectively drawn through the grain of the wooden wick. 

So, how do I fix it?

In a standard lighting situation, wood wicks can take a few goes to get started but once lit, should burn beautifully. We had this happen to one of our many, many tester wood wick candles in our showroom which took about 8 goes for the first light to ignite the wood wick. Each subsequent burn was perfect and accepted the flame straight away. So sometimes persistence will pay off for those rare few candles which can be hesitant to ignite on their first-time burn!

But, if you're still having trouble, trim your wick

This is one of the absolute best tips we can give! Wood wicks need to be short and trimming can also get you past any knots in the wood giving you grief in staying lit. Trim all of the burnt pieces off - wick trimmers are the easiest way to trim wicks and prevent the burnt debris from blackening your fingers or surroundings.

For relighting, tip the candle and relight on an angle. This will allow the flame to slowly reach across the wick.  

Please email us at info@nightingailcollection.com  if you’re still having issues, as we want you to be able to enjoy the ambience of your Night In Gail Candle to the maximum!