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Night In Gail

Coco Chanel

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  • Mystique has been inspired by the opulent perfume, Coco Chanel. it is the essence of feminine sophistication embodied by an oriental symphony that gradually reveals its contrasting notes. An intense facet of the COCO Chanel personality emerges to forge a powerful, deep ambery fragrance that is irresistible in every way.


Our Perfume Inspired range of products have been influenced by some of the world’s most sort-after fragrances. These products are a similar type, designed to create a fragrance that embodies the same characteristics synonymous with these popular perfumes.

This is our version of the popular fragrance by Chanel.  Night In Gail is not licensed by, owned by or affiliated in any way with Chanel or any of it's entities or affiliates.

Soy Wax

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