In 2017 on my 38th birthday I was diagnosed with stage 3 terminal blood cancer (Multiple Myeloma) and given a short amount of time to live. Four months later I was served with divorce papers, removed from bank accounts and was left completely broke. 

I had nothing but $25 left to my name, a stressful divorce battle ahead of me during the worst time in my life all while cancer was literally eating me alive daily. 

As a single mother I knew I had to do something to provide for my son, to help me pay for cancer treatments, and to take my mind off the trauma that I was going through and that's where Night In Gail Collection was birthed.


Night In Gail Collection is a lived experience. With each product gifting you a space filled with peace, love & self-care, you're creating an in-home sanctuary of well-being. Each hand made product promotes a spirit of beauty & intention that leads to a life of self-love.


Made with Love,


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