Let Them Go….

You reach a point of peace when you realize that most anger and hate you receive comes from people who are suffering internally.
The desire for revenge on people who have done me wrong, used to consume my mind & was a very active thought of my old self, it now lies dormant.
I only feel bad for these types of people.
Imagine walking up everyday hating yourself, and your life. 
Highly miserable people lead a dull, boring and unadventurous life. They are greedy and stingy with money, generosity isn’t even in their vocabulary; and if it is, there is personal gain involved. Highly miserable people are brilliant at picking fights and playing the blame game, but will expect you to respond with kindness and sympathy and if you don’t, they will play victim.
They are the center point of all the drama in their lives and others, including family.

I don’t have time to hate or participate in back and forth. There are too many blessings and goals at hand to waste time in that space. Don’t let a negative person pull you into their fold.
These people are like cancer, they will never stop until they destroy every good and thriving part of your existence. 

Ignore them, block them, delete them from your life.
Do whatever you have to do to protect yourself from these types of people. There is no help for them.
Leave them where they are. 
They stay in that realm because they cannot operate in yours!

Stay sharp
Stay blessed
Stay happy


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