I love my fridge, it makes me happy. It makes me healthy. It’s full of life, love, energy and happiness. I honestly don’t use my freezer, there’s nothing in there but ice. If it’s not alive & fresh I don’t want it! 😌🌱💚

I have noticed such a big difference in my overall health. The growth & texture of my hair is beautiful and vibrant without needed products, and the texture and color of my skin is vibrant and alive .

My digestive health has improved dramatically, (I was having a big problem with cut health) bowel movements are better.

My teeth are in great contain.
My sleep is better because my body is not working hard during my sleep hours to break down and digest food.
Mental clarity has improved.

My nails grow faster & stronger.

After meals I don’t feel tired and lethargic as if I need a nap. I’m more energetic, less irritable & I’m able to lose and keep weight off.

“Dead food” is the newest title given to food that has had the life packaged, preserved, or cooked out of it, to the point where it has become sadly void of virtually all nutritional value. “Dead food” refers to processed food or food without nutrients. It is called dead because it has been refined to a point that it is bereft of minerals, vitamins, and fibers.

“Alive foods” will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Proper nourishment from “alive” foods is one of the cornerstones to optimal health. This type of food contributes not just to your overall state of health—but to your longevity. When you consume foods that deliver the nutrients your body needs in an easy to digest form that your body can efficiently utilize—your health will thrive and you’ll feel amazing too! 🌱💚

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