November 11, 2018

I created Night In Gail Collection to inspire, celebrate & help others like myself who are healing, suffering or battling to live a normal life. 

If you or someone you know suffers from cancer, autoimmune disease, nausea, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, joint pain, arthritis, depression, Pre-menopause, menopause, insomnia, loss of appetite, mood swings or migraines the 

Night In Gail Collection is the perfect solution.


My products are 100% organic and formulated to provide comfort, relief & relaxation for women, children, men & pets.


May 16, 2017 while hospitalized on my birthday I received the most horrifying & devastating news one could ever imagine, I was diagnosed with a incurable blood Cancer. 

This news was unbelievable to me because I've lived my best & healthiest life ever. I had no signs, no symptoms, no family history it literally came out of nowhere. Not only did I almost lose my life, I lost the ability to walk & care for myself. 


After a risky and extremely tough Bone Marrow Transplant on February 13, 2018 I am officially in remission and couldn’t be more thankful. 

Although cancer cells are no longer active in my body everyday I fight & work hard trying to repair all of the mental, physical & emotional damage that this horrible disease has caused me. 


Multiple Myeloma is the most painful types of cancer because cancer cells multiply inside of the  bone marrow at a rapid speed making bone pain excruciating & simple everyday movements extremely painful.  


Aromatherapy oils and medical cannabis has truly changed my life and I’m confident that the

Night In Gail Collection will bring the same relief, joy & peace of mind to others.


Created With Love,


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