My ex-husband started sleeping w/ me when I was 16 yrs old, he was 23.
I later married my abuser & went on to suffer 16 yrs of unimaginable mental abuse, verbal abuse & stress which I ultimately believe greatly affected my health and was one of the major causes of my cancer diagnoses. 🎗️
My life from a very young child up until I turned 40 has been filled with nothing but men who have molested me, assaulted me, abused me physically and mentally, used me for their own sexual pleasures and financial gains and I’m no longer carrying their burdens or holding onto the weight of their secrets and demons.

As a part of my healing and growth I release all that no longer serves me and embrace isolation, stillness and separation as this is imperative to elevation, mental clarity and the journey to freedom. 📵🧘🏽‍♀️
I’m taking this time to start the process of my book & I’m looking forward to sharing my truths, my pain, my strength, and courage with you all and praying that I will encourage & inspire someone else who might need the strength.

Being a very private and introverted person I never thought I would be able to open up and discuss with anyone certain aspects of my life and childhood that involved abuse, molestation etc. However, as I began my healing journey I realized and quickly understood in order for me to grow, heal and evolve into the being and woman that I am destined to be, it is imperative to release and let go of these traumas. To speak my truth and release all that has been done against me. In doing so, it has allow me to learn and connect with myself on a deeper level, it has allowed me to understand my past relationships, why I attract broken people, why I’m guarded, and distant. This has also allowed me to work on these areas in my life.

When I think of my company Night In Gail, I think of multiple things. I’m not here to just sell lifestyle products. Night In Gail is a way of living, healing, growing, connecting with self and like minded individuals.
Night In Gail is about showing up for yourself, protecting yourself, healing yourself and loving yourself.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

You are not the evilness that was done onto you. 📕✒️

“Find Your Peace and Live There”
- JoVan 🤎🪶


Thanks for being so transparent and selfless to share parts of your story. I too am introverted and private. Thanks for being a light on my journey. You are appreciated 🙏🏾💜

Maria Burks

Thank you for this, I understand because I have lived that life. And just turning 50 I’m reclaiming myself and learning to heal and grow. I thank you for your story and your journey it has helped me along my journey.


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